Ginger Hollow – We “Cherish Life”. The wooded wetland of our original homestead, where the wild ginger grows, inspired the handcrafted artisan soaps, uplifting aromatherapy and herbal products.

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Do you enjoy the beauty of the world about us but long to know more about the natural realm? Since little on I’ve enjoyed learning about nature and have tried to share that with my family. I’ll never forget the excitement when, as a six year old, I first discovered ground cherries growing in Mom’s pickle patch. Then she told me they were actually good to eat! I ran back out to the garden and found so many she decided to can them into a lovely winter sauce. Those beautiful pint jars of golden fruit sauce are still a favorite memory. With a flavor like honey, the ground cherry is still prized by my family.

Today my grandchildren share many similar experiences with their parents who grew up on our 20 acre homestead.  The photos posted here are my own, taken there. In February of 2014 I reluctantly sold the homestead, moved away, and later retired due to disablility. I now live in western Wisconsin on a small farm with my new husband.  The former homestead Ginger Hollow is now the Bounchum Buddhist Temple. Our family is honored in this transition of our beloved home of 40 years.

The articles on this website are my own, based upon my actual experience. I intend to only write about the work I’ve actually done. I am a family herbalist, aromatherapist and artist. The working philosophy I follow is that of Vitalism as taught by Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing: give the body what it needs for the best chance to heal itself. I enjoy working with others to share the abundance and knowledge that was meant for everyone, confronting stressful times with ancient wisdom! In all this let us Cherish Life!