Cherish Life

Greetings from a beautiful place on Earth – Ginger Hollow!

This website is an extension of Ginger Hollow, the gardens, orchard, fields and woodland where I’ve lived since 1974.  It is an ongoing effort to connect with others of like mind and work. My vision of Ginger Hollow has persisted for over 30 years. Bringing it into being continues to challenge my imagination, ideals and persistence. “Pursuing the highest of life” is my working mantra. Living this ideal accepts that though perfection is not likely in my lifetime it can exist as a vision in my heart and mind.

Each of us has the power to invest something of ourselves into society to refocus the dynamics of our culture, that as a people we will evolve beyond greed and irresponsibility to realize our nobility. My work is with Nature because I believe that to cherish life is the basis of all other human values. I strive to learn from many traditions what my ancestors were unable to teach me. I’ve struggled with the challenges of organic gardening on land previously used for conventional farming. As my understanding grew I took on growing and using medicinal herbs. I became a student of Dr. John R. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing. His philosophy of Vitalism, which goes back to Hippocrates, is the cornerstone of the herbal and aromatherapy practices I now use. Going deeper I explore the unseen dimensions of life as well, asking why healing takes place or doesn’t, how does mind/body/spirit work together or not?

Here you will find what I’ve discovered, what worked for me and what was something to laugh about later. Often there seems to be more questions than answers. At the very least I hope you will leave inspired and with a smile on your face. At best I hope you will nurture your own plot of land or support those nearby you who do.

Cherish Life!

Ruth Nielsen

Artist, Aromatherapist, Herbalist

“To Cherish Life is the basis of all other human values.” (me)