Essential Oils Seminar 9/26: “Getting Ready for the Winter Months”

Stay Healthy with Essential Oils!
For beginners…Introduction to the use of Essential Oils
Session 2 “Getting Ready for the Winter Months”

Presented by Ruth Nielsen, aromatherapist, herbalist, owner of Ginger Hollow LLC.

Class limited to first 10 reservations. Cost: $10 per person if register and pay online (PayPal), otherwise the cost is $15 per person at the door, no credit cards.

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*** Bring a sandwich for yourself as we will work through lunchtime. Beverages and some snack items are available for purchase (soda, juice, fresh coffee).

You will learn:
Part 1.
What are essential oils, how they differ from perfumes and fragrance oils.
How to know if an essential oil is pure or questionable, why it matters.
How essential oils affect the brain and body and enhance our well-being.
Part 2.
How and when to dilute essential oils, and how to use carrier oils with them.
Experience a minimum of 12 powerful essential oils: their aroma, their qualities, how they affect the body, and how they can be used. (Finest quality Elizabeth Van Buren brand GC/MS analyzed essential oils will be presented.)
How to create a personal aroma (with top, middle and base notes). How to create therapeutic formulas and recipes for both.
Following the instruction and demonstrations everyone will be able to make a bottle of a personal formula to take home and use.

Most of all essential oils are FUN!
About Ruth Nielsen: “I’ve been working with essential oils since the late 70s but find there is always more to learn. Several years ago I completed the aromatherapy course offered by the School of Natural Healing, founded by Dr. John R. Christopher. I continue to learn through my association with the Elizabeth Van Buren company which has the highest standards in essential oil production that I’ve seen. Their oils are the ones I offer on my website My goal is to teach others how the wonderful and sacred plant essences can enhance our quality of life, keep us healthy, and unlock some of the secrets of the plant kingdom that healers have known since ancient times.”

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