Summer Essence Tea

(Rosehips BCRN herb tea)

In heat proof glass jar or teapot pour:

1 tablespoon of dried crumbled fermented Blackberry leaves
1 tablespoon of dried Chamomile blossoms
1 tablespoon of dried crumbled red Raspberry leaves
1 tablespoon of dried crumbled stinging Nettle leaves
(these do not sting once they are cut and dried)
2 tablespoons of dried Rosehips pieces, no seeds

Over these herbs pour one quart of boiling hot filtered or distilled water for best flavor. Cover the jar, and wrap a thick towel around it to keep the heat in. Let steep 15 to 30 minutes. This tea is steeped longer to extract the most flavor from the rosehips.

An alternate method I prefer (which is pictured below) is to prepare the rosehips in a separate container, steeping them for 30 minutes.

Then mix the rest of the herbs and steep them in a separate container for 10 minutes.

Cover the jars with a towel to help keep the heat in.

Strain and blend the two teas. A mild honey, if sweetening is desired, will complement the tea flavors highlighting the chamomile and rosehips. In addition to this being an exquisite tea it is very rich in minerals, and a wonderful tea all year round. In winter this tea seems to project the essence of summer.