“I have been using the Ginger Hollow Koala soap for about two weeks on a regular basis. I find it is kind to the skin, it has a natural exfoliant surface, yet it is not rough. Mostly it smells really good and is similar to a fine aroma found in nature. Very soothing and also stimulating compared to the odor of commercial bath soaps.”

Pete O / Port Washington, WI.

“I have had dry skin my whole life and struggled to find soaps and  lotions to help.

I want to feel uplifted, comforted,  and have soft skin. I truly appreciate your using all the heathy skin softening oils and work to have them be uplifting! You have an ardent  customer!

My hands and face are silky soft!  It’s so invigorating and soothing at the same time to be able to do  something as simple as taking a shower, washing my face, or washing my hands  and be comforted by the scent of a soap that soothes my soul and the quality  of oils the soothes my skin! I am so happy to have found  you!”

C.W., Manitowoc, WI.